A Step-by-Step Guide to the Addiction Rehabilitation Process

What exactly happens during the standard addiction rehabilitation process at Arizona drug rehabs? Here is a step-by-step breakdown that provides a basic overview of the different stages encountered by an addict in recovery from admission to recovery:

Admission Process

The first step is the admission process, which determines whether a particular rehab center is the best suitable fit for the addict. Questions are asked and exchanged between the patient and the treatment provider to create a foundation for a customized treatment plan. The questions may get a little uncomfortable for the patient – especially since they will cover such topics as the severity of the addiction, drug use history, and medical history and whether other family members (past or present) suffered with similar addictions.

Identify the Ideal Rehab Facility Type

There are 3 different types of rehabilitation services offered in Arizona drug rehabs. During the admission process, the treatment provider will determine which program type is best suitable for the patient:

  • Inpatient: Also known as residential facilities, patients essentially live here during their rehabilitation stay. They are blocked from all temptations, closely monitored to reduce the chance of relapse and required to attend individual and/or group sessions as scheduled throughout their stay.
  • Outpatient: The patient is not required to stay on the premises. He or she travels to and fro each day throughout their designated treatment program. However, they are still exposed to the outside world – which means that they must fight harder to continue their daily course of living without giving into temptations and bad associates.
  • Combined programs: There are some treatment programs that combine both inpatient and outpatient treatments together into one plan. For instance, the patient may commit to several weeks of inpatient treatment followed by a corresponding period of outpatient therapy sessions and treatment programs.

Work through the Detox Stage

The actual detoxification stage on the road toward recovery is one of the most significant part of any type of treatment in Arizona drug rehabs. The objective of this process is to lighten the burden of withdrawal symptoms as the body rids itself of all traces of drugs or alcohol. The intensity and overall struggle factor of detox is primarily based on such factors as the duration for which the drug/alcohol was consumed, the type of alcohol/drug abuse, the body composition and metabolism of the patient as well as whether they suffer from a single or multiple addictions.

There are typically 3 different types of drugs that are used for most patients during the detox stage:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Barbiturates

Rehabilitation Begins

After the initial detox is over, then the rehabilitation of the patient begins with individual and group therapy sessions. Studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) is a proven method for effectively helping individuals to make the necessary changes in their lives to reform themselves internally and successfully work towards coping with, and recovering from their addiction(s). There is even a family therapy element in most rehab centers that focuses on repairing the familial bonds and relationships damaged by the patient’s addiction.

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